Pagedale Prosecuting Office is located at:

1420 Ferguson

Pagedale, Missouri 63133


Request for a recommendation can ONLY be submitted by the defendant's attorney, to the prosecutor's office.  A copy of any motion or pleading filed by defense counsel should be sent to the Municipal Prosecutor's Office and may be served by regular mail, fax or email.  Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope, if mailing.  Due to the increase in COVID-1, we are accepting faxed OR email requests for recommendations, that will be faxed OR emailed back to you.  Please include a copy of the entry with your request for recommendation.

Request for discovery, video and police reports are still being done by mail and should be accompanied with a self-addressed stamped mailing envelope and/or unmarked DVD. Police reports and accident reports are $7.00, which is due at time of request.

Reports can be paid by mail using: business checks, money order or cashier checks. MAKE ALL CHECKS PAYABLE TO: City of Pagedale. IN-PERSON PAYMENTS INCLUDE: All the above, plus cash and credit card. (NOTE: there is a service fee for card transactions).

Attorney Call is not available on ZOOM.  Once court begins, court and any appearance by any attorney will occur by ZOOM only until further notice.  The ZOOM link will be provided prior to court.  Court is being held on the First Thursday of the month at 6:00 PM and third Thursday of the month at 10:00 AM. If an attorney wishes to participate by phone, that attorney will need to send an email to, at least seven business days before that date, giving the Prosecuting Clerk time to schedule the times and send information. The email should include:

Attorney name, clients name, any information or documents and a valid phone number where the Attorney can be reached. (AFTER THE VIRTUAL APPEARANCE, IF A NEW COURT DATE IS NEEDED, THIS INFORMATION WILL BE SUBMITTED TO THE COURTS BY THE PROSECUTOR, NOTING THE CALL)

If the recommendation is amended, a new one will be sent via fax or email. Attorney’s may wish to plea by mail in accordance with RULE 37, if a plea is required.

DISCLAIMER: It is the defense counsel's responsibility to ensure that Entries, Motions, Continuances, Warrant Recalls, and similar pleadings are filed with the courts.


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